Christian family rebukes attorneys, press in Davidson trial

Christian family rebukes attorneys, press in Davidson trial

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"I am my daughter's attorney. We are an attorney firm. She says she's the president," Gary Christian said, pointing to Deena, "and I believe her." "I am my daughter's attorney. We are an attorney firm. She says she's the president," Gary Christian said, pointing to Deena, "and I believe her."
LeMaricus Davidson LeMaricus Davidson

KNOXVILLE (WATE) -- Before the verdict Wednesday, Gary and Deena Christian, the parents of murder victim Channon Christian, gave an emotional statement to the press, saying the defense team and legal analysts in the LeMaricus Davidson trial have "dragged our kids through the mud."  

Gary said, "First of all, I've got a question. When did someone take our Constitution and distort it to the point that the defense attorneys, as low life as they are, can attempt to drag our children through the mud and make them into dope dealers and hookers? And in a court of law, my wife doesn't have the right to say in her impact statement that our kids should not have been put on trial. What is up with that?"

(During the rehearsal of her impact statement Tuesday afternoon, the judge asked Deena not to refer to Chris and Channon as victims.

"But judge, that's what they are," Deena said. He agreed, saying "They are clearly victims," but told her not to say in her statement that they've been put on trial. The defense attorneys had objected to this part of her statement.)

"Secondly, last night I heard on TV, an attorney, one of them, say and they, talking about the defense attorneys, with all that integrity that the judge said they have and all those ethics that they have, this attorney said they did a great job, talking about the defense attorneys, in showing posing the question in the jury's mind that the kids were on a drug deal."

"And that Channon Christian may have had consensual sex with that animal, over my dead body. The next person that says out of their mouth that my daughter had consensual sex with him, ain't got but one person in this world to deal with and that's me, over my dead body."

"Now, what about the drugs? And that Channon might have been doing drugs? And what if Channon was doing drugs and it's okay if they were. They didn't deserve what they got."

"There are two trials here. I didn't do this. I didn't start this, I am my daughter's attorney. We are an attorney firm, right here. She says she's the president," he said, pointing to Deena, "and I believe her. So can you."

"Once and for all, forever more, world without end, my daughter didn't do drugs."

"We have proof," Deena said, holding up the toxicology report.

"We got proof," Gary agreed. "We been telling you we got proof. We been telling you we couldn't' show you the proof because we were still in trial and we might have to use it to defend our daughter in that courtroom."

"I got a feeling whatever's done, is done. So here's the proof and the last thing I want to say is this. The next time that I hear anybody, I don't care who you are, the next time I hear after she (Deena) gets through, anybody insinuate that my daughter was down there buying drugs, was doing drugs, all that crap, look for a lawsuit."

Then Deena said, "Well, as we've tried to tell you, I don't think we've ever lied to you guys, have we? I didn't lie on that stand. I didn't have to go as far as I did, I wanted to be honest. We've not lied, nor do I ever intend to lie."

"We didn't need the proof that we have to know our child didn't do drugs because we knew her. I point blank asked her many times and she told me no and I believe her."

"Second of all, I don't know if any of you saw Dr. M (Knox County Medical Examiner Dr. Darinka Mileusnic-Polchan), our medical examiner, on the stand, but I wouldn't want to sit there and call that lady a liar. She eats defense attorneys and anyone else that talks about her for lunch."

"But anyway, if you don't want to believe her and her toxicology report, what TK (prosecutor Takisha Fitzgerald) was trying to do, but Specialty Select sent the wrong person to testify, was to show her (Channon's) drug records from work."

(Deena is referring to testimony Monday about Channon's drug tests for work.)

"She (Channon) had been working there for almost two years or more. She couldn't have got that job if she was a drug user, and having a prescription for panic attacks or anxiety does not make you a drug user. She didn't even have it in her system. There's no telling what the date was on that bottle of pills. And as we explained, or I did on the stand, she couldn't take hydrocodone. If she did, it would make her deathly ill."

"Now when she (the medical examiner) showed...tried to talk about this on the stand," Deena said, holding up the toxicology report. "This is her drug screen from work. Everything on here is negative, but there was one positive in the oxymorphone section. But my daughter, our daughter, had just gone through a tonsillectomy. So I went to the pharmacy myself and got the copy and as I said, I had to special order the medication for her to take because she had to have a liquid because of her throat and she could not take hydrocodone."

"She got a prescription for roxicet for her surgery, signed by a doctor, was not abused. It was not in her system, and since the drug screen was then all clear, she got the job."

"So why would anybody last night after we showed our proof and especially the medical examiner gets on the stand say if they did drugs. I thought we cleared this up the day I walked out of court after she (the medical examiner) testified. Everybody here, I thought, got the message and understood the facts. But obviously, there was one station last night that still wanted to put the word 'if' they did drugs or their drug use."

"We're all Channon has. She's not here to tell you the truth herself. We are her voice, and I'm tired of it." 

"This community has stood behind us through all of this and I'm tired of the media or the analysts or whoever they are sitting there saying if she did drugs."

"If you can prove it, then you bring me the proof to shoot down mine, but until then, I don't want to hear it. She would roll over in her grave today if she thought anybody thought that of her, either using drugs or being promiscuous because she was a young lady that cared about herself and she would not do that."

"She would not sleep around with anybody, especially Davidson or any of those animals."

"If it was consensual, look at the pictures that you can't even show on TV. Do you think consensual sex looks like that when you get through? I don't think any of us would ever have sex again if it caused that. She was bruised. She was beaten. Her lip was ripped from her gum."

"If anybody else can tell me or show me proof that we are wrong or the medical examiner is wrong, you either put up or you shut up."

Davidson's charges

Davidson is charged with the carjacking, rapes and murders of Christian and Newsom, in January 2007.

Davidson is facing 38 counts including first degree felony murder, first degree premeditated murder, especially aggravated robbery, especially aggravated kidnapping, aggravated rape and theft.

The jury has a 95 page jury form to go through, plus the verdict forms are 41 pages.

Click here to read the charge form.

Click here to read the verdict forms.


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