Dashcam captures trucker saving woman, baby from fiery crash


David Frederickson helped pull a woman and her one-year-old child from a fiery crash in Biloxi, Mississippi. More>>

Incredible video of lightning strike near Savannah

Photo by Erica LaFontaine via WSAV-TV Photo by Erica LaFontaine via WSAV-TV

Just as the Grand Strand and Pee Dee were hit by storms that included a lot of lightning, so did Savannah.In the Savannah area one woman managed to catch video of a huge lightning bolt just as it hit housing at the Hunter Army Airfield around 1 am Sunday. More>>

Welker also dancing to "Rocky Top"

Manning dancing to "Rocky Top" at practice Video included


Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning was dancing to "Rocky Top," during practice on Monday. More>>

VIRAL VIDEO: Tiny Birthday For A Tiny Hedgehog


This hedgehog knows how to party. And his friends are pretty cool, too. More>>

VIRAL VIDEO: Cat Discovers Its On Camera


A pallas cat that lives in central Asia discovers it is on camera. More>>

VIDEO: Kids React To Game Boy


See how these kids react to the hendheld video game system from 1989. More>>

Homemade air conditioner for around $8

These homemade air-conditioner instructions will help you skip the expense of air conditioning this summer. More>>

VIRAL VIDEO: Truck driver confronts speeding cop and gets a confession

A truck driver shows what can happen during a traffic stop when a police officer is notified they are being recorded on video. More>>

Crabby Great Dane Puppy


This Great Dane pup is NOT a morning dog. He tells his owners his real feelings about waking up at 3:30 a.m. -- our morning crew can relate, Thor. More>>

Pool Magic Vine Goes Viral


Christian Leonard posted this Vine that has gone viral. He says he's "starting the summer off right w/ Vine Magic." More>>

VIRAL VIDEO: Dogs Respond Quickly To Kitchen Fire Drill


A fire truck was involved in a minor accident during the making of this Vine. More>>

VIRAL VIDEO: Squirrel Rescued From Middle Of Lake


People sailing on a reservoir noticed a squirrel trying to swim to safety. They brought it on the boat and took it to shore. More>>

Video Of Flight Attendant's Safety Instructions Goes Viral


Check out this Southwest flight attendant's funny pre-flight instruction announcement that has gone viral on the Internet.



VIRAL VIDEO: Kid Eating Ice Cream While Trying To Stay Awake


A mental battle as old as time: sleep vs. sweet More>>

"When pigs fly" takes on new meaning

(source: Youtube) (source: Youtube)

The expression "when pigs fly" took on new meaning when a swine bound for the slaughter house jumped from the back of the truck it was riding in.

WATCH: Baby goat stampede goes viral

Video of a stampede of baby goats at a Maine dairy farm is going viral.


VIRAL VIDEO: Baby Prairie Dog Playing With Cat


The prairie dog is quite energetic, while the cat seems pretty tolerant. More>>

VIRAL VIDEO: You Can't Punch People Because You Want Pancakes!

Photo from YouTube video Photo from YouTube video

Johnathon wanted to know why his son just punched his brother. His answer is... well... flat and golden brown. More>>

VIRAL VIDEO: This Cat Says "Hey"


Hey! This cat can talk. More>>

VIRAL VIDEO: Cat Meets Baby For First Time Video included


This cat wasn't quite sure of what to make of the new addition to the family. More>>

VIRAL VIDEO: Homeless Man Gets a Home


Magic of Rahat, a Youtube prankster, has made another viral video. Back in March he made a "prank video" of him giving a homeless man a (fake) winning lottery ticket only to turn around and actually give the man $1,000. Now, he is back, and giving even more to the man. More>>

VIRAL VIDEO: Shark Attacks Inflatable Boat


This Great White Shark attacked an inflatable boat and deflated part of it. More>>

VIRAL VIDEO: Tornado Rips Through Church Playground


Cameras were rolling as a deadly tornado swept through a Mississippi community last month. More>>

VIRAL VIDEO: Young Elephant Practices Water Polo Skills

Beco, the 5-year-old elephant at the Columbus Zoo Beco, the 5-year-old elephant at the Columbus Zoo

Beco,the youngelephant at the Columbus Zoo in Ohio, celebrated his 5th birthday by playing some water polo. More>>

VIRAL VIDEO: Puppy To Adult In 40 Seconds


Dunder goes from youngster to full grown in under a minute in this doggy time lapse video. More>>

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