About Live Discussions at WATE.com

About Live Discussions at WATE.com

During some live events, we offer you an opportunity to share your thoughts through our live discussion feature. As you watch the live coverage in the video player on the left side of the page, the discussion feature on the right allows you to occasionally send in a comment or vote in a polling question.

It's important to understand that this is not a chat room. It is a moderated discussion, which means someone is watching everything that is published. Your comments are published at the moderator's discretion.

There are several reasons why we use this approach, rather than a chat room.

  • Continuous conversations tend to veer away from the topic and the participants can occasionally get lost in their own conversations.
  • An open chat can turn into disjointed, off-topic content very quickly.
  • On-going conversations can sometimes degenerate into arguments.
  • Unfortunately, there are times when someone will attempt to ruin the discussion by making inflamatory, provacative or knowingly-false statements.

The moderator can view all comments sent, but your comment may not necessarily be published. The moderator is attempting to keep the discussion in the flow of the on-air coverage.

We value your opinions, but please keep in mind that this is a public site where all opinions are valued. Vulgar, abusive and derogatory comments will not be published, nor will any comment that attacks or threatens another participant.

An "autoscroll" feature allows you to see the newest content without having to refresh or scroll your screen. If you missed something someone said earlier, scroll back to catch up.

You do not need to register to use the discussion feature. If you have a Twitter or Facebook account, however, you may log in using that service.

When you do, your Twitter or Facebook identity will be used during this discussion. At the moderator's discretion, your comments might be published automatically as a "trusted" discussion member.

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