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RSS feeds allow you to get the latest news and sports headlines from on your desktop as quickly as they are updated. offers RSS feeds (or channels) for several sections of the Web site.

If you're not familiar with RSS feeds, click here to find out more. offers RSS feeds for major sections of the site, and for many special features and blogs. This allows page lists the addresses you should use to subscribe.

RSS  Latest Headlines
The most recent headlines from

RSS  Local News Headlines
News from the WATE viewing area

RSS  Knox County Headlines
News from Knoxville, Farragut, Karns, Halls, Powell and other Knox County communities

RSS  Anderson County Headlines
News from Oak Ridge, Clinton, Norris, Claxton, Lake City and other Anderson County communities

RSS  Blount County Headlines
News from Maryville, Alcoa, Louisville, Townsend, Rockford and other Blount County communities

RSS  Sevier County Headlines
News from Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, Seymour, Kodak and other Sevier County communities

RSS  Smoky Mountains Headlines
News from Great Smoky Mountains National Park and surrounding areas

RSS  Tennessee News Headlines
News from other parts of the state

RSS  Kentucky News Headlines
News from Kentucky

RSS  Sports Headlines
The latest sports stories, with emphasis on the Vols, Titans, high schools and NASCAR

RSS  WATE 6 Job Listings
Available positions at WATE 6

RSS  6 Around Town
Available positions at WATE 6

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