Al Gore airlifts Katrina victims out of New Orleans

Al Gore airlifts Katrina victims out of New Orleans

September 9, 2005

KNOXVILLE (AP) -- Some information has been made public about an airlift of Katrina evacuees sponsored by former Vice President Al Gore.

But Gore, who criticized the Bush administration's slow response to Katrina on Friday, still won't talk about Saturday's mission.

However, Dr. Anderson Spickard, Gore's personal physician who accompanied him on the flights says Gore told him he wanted to do the flights because "he wanted to seize the opportunity to do what one guy can do."

After Katrina slammed into the Gulf Coast, Gore learned that Dr. David Kline, a neurosurgeon who operated on his son after a life-threatening auto accident, was stranded with patients at Charity Hospital in New Orleans.

Gore called Kline, agreeing to pay $50,000 for a flight which brought about 140 people to Knoxville on September 3.

A second flight, with 130 evacuees, landed the next day in Chattanooga. That flight was sponsored by Larry Flax, founder of California Pizza Kitchens.

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