After Rockwood's veteran's home is condemned, community rallies to build him tiny home

ROCKWOOD, Tenn. (WATE) - John Geary is well known by his neighbors. The Vietnam Veteran is frequently seen walking his dog, Lexi, around town.

So when Geary's home was condemned by the city and scheduled to be torn down, the community decided they needed to step in to help. Now they are working with Homes 4 Heroes, a non-profit organization that helps veterans in East Tennessee, to help get the land cleared and a new tiny home built on the property.

"With a situation like John, he has a dog that he loves, and is his best friend and everyone in town loves his dog and we want to see him be able to stay with his dog so that's our goal is to give them a better life for the rest of their lives," said Willie Franklin with a Home 4 Heroes.

Franklin said his organization, which has built several other tiny homes in the area, wants to make sure there are no maintenance costs for Geary in his new phone. They are working to not only build a tiny home for him, but help him out with new furniture, a stove and refrigerator.

"When I first met him I just fell in love with him, his sense of humor is just out of this world, his knowledge, his recall of his past, and I just enjoy being around him and talking to him and the love he has for his dog Lexi is something special and we don't want to see them parted," said Franklin.

The community is holding a meeting Friday night with city leaders in an effort to get Geary his property back and permission to build the tiny home.

If you would like to volunteer or donate to A Home 4 Heroes, visit their website.

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