Farragut man alerting KCSO about drivers speeding upwards of 50mph near greenway

FARRAGUT (WATE) - How fast is too fast? One Farragut man has had it with cars speeding close to his apartment which is right near a greenway.

Doug Kimzey reached out to our newsroom hoping to warn others about the speeding issue. Where he lives, off Fretz Road, the speed limit is 20 mph. Kimzey also sent us clips he recorded from his porch which show cars flying down the road.

He does it because he's worried someone will get hit or seriously hurt, "There is no way for a vehicle traveling 50 to 60 mph to stop in time."

Kimzey says since he's lived in Farragut, he's alerted the Knox County Sheriff's Office each time speeding has gotten particularly bad.

"We'll write tickets, we send officers out, sometimes marked cars, sometimes plain cars," said Captain Robert Lawson with KCSO.

Captain Lawson says while they respond to every speeding complaint, officers simply cannot run radar patrols 24/7 because when they get a 911 call, officers have respond.

"People do speed on Fretz Road. We go out and work those, you'll not always see us because we do drive some unmarked cars. The problem is, when we're out there, they slow down. The minute we leave, they speed back up," added Captain Lawson.

"This is creating a very dangerous situation," said Kimzey.

There are two long-term solutions Kimzey would like to see implemented so drivers go the 20 mph speed limit.

"Potentially putting in speed bumps before and after the greenway crossing," he said and adding that he'd like to see some kind of radar system to warn drivers.

We asked the Town of Farragut, would speed bumps be feasible? They say Fretz Road is a collector road and speed bumps cannot be installed there.

"It's still a moral issue that you're speeding through your own neighborhood where your kids play and your friend's kids play," said Captain Lawson.

Kimzey says he'll keep recording and sending data to KCSO, all the while hoping his worries don't become a reality.

"Slow down," he said.

Town Administrator David Smoak said in a statement, "We take all speeding complaints seriously in the Town of Farragut. Unfortunately they are very difficult to enforce. We looked into the issue of speeding on Fretz Road in the past but only one person has complained about that particular area in the past five years."

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