2 West Knoxville restaurants earn lowest marks of the week

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) - The low scoring restaurants this week had a number of critical violations that required follow-up inspections.

Chef's Asian Cuisine on Hardin Valley Road earned the lowest grade -- a 74 -- following its initial inspection. Anything below 70 is failing.

In the inspector's report, he found food stored on cardboard boxes, instead of up on shelves. It's highly unlikely those boxes were clean. 

The inspector also said he watched a cook dry his hands on a dirty apron. He should have dried his hands on a clean towel after washing them.

When the inspector asked employees about illness symptoms -- something they're required to know -- they didn't know the answers. It's management's responsibility that employees are aware of illness symptoms, so the inspector reviewed them.

Employees were also seen sipping drinks from glasses. It's okay to drink, but the glasses weren't covered and there were no straws being used. 

The inspector also found a dirty grinder.

Read More: See this week's full report

The restaurant has been reinspected. The new grade is a respectable 98.

Another restaurant, Wild Wing Cafe on Campbell Lakes Drive off Campbell Station Road scored a 77, also a passing grade.

The inspector found unwashed produce stored over ready-to-eat food. The unwashed produce poses the potential problem of cross-contamination with food ready to be served. 

On oven cleaner was stored over food. Chemicals are supposed to be stored separately, far away from food. 

At Wild Wing Cafe, like Chef's Asian Cuisine, employees were unaware of illness symptoms, so the inspector did some on-the-spot training.

Wild Wing Cafe has been reinspected and earned a new grade of 92.

There are also a dozen high inspection grades this week. Here are the best scores:

The Casual Pint, 234 Brookview Center Way: 100

Domino's Pizza, 6661 Maynardville Highway: 100

Firehouse Subs, 5226 N. Broadway: 99

Firehouse Subs, 4419 Western Avenue: 98

Firehouse Subs, 10728 Hardin Valley Road: 98

Chick-fil-A, 5100 N. Broadway: 98

Wendy's, 331 Cedar Bluff Road: 98

Arby's, 400 Cedar Bluff Road: 98

McDonald's, 322 Cedar Bluff: 98

Zaxby's, 4020 Crippin Road: 98

Shoney's, 315 E. Emory Road: 98

Wendy's, 4407 Western Avenue: 97

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