Knoxville Asian buffet, popular Old City restaurant score low health inspection grades

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) - A popular buffet scored the lowest health inspection grade this week, and not far behind was a restaurant in Knoxville's Old City.

Both of the low scoring restaurants recorded health violations that require follow-up inspections. One has already been completed.

Osaka Grill, 4009 Chapman Highway - Original Grade: 73, Reinspection Grade: 97

That grade is a passing score.

The inspector found food temperature violations. Cooked rice was way too warm at 60 degrees and cooked chicken was at 48, but 41 degrees and below is the required safe, cool temperature.

There were no date marks on some food. Once opened and refrigerated, date marks are required and the food must be used within seven days to assure quality and taste. With no dates on the product, it's a guessing game.

The person in charge, the manager, didn't know the provider of some of the grill's food. According to the rules, the manager is supposed to be aware of this information. 

When the inspector checked the cook line where the food was being prepared, it was dirty.

Osaka Grill has been reinspected and the violations were corrected. The new grade is a 97.

Melting Pot, 111 N. Central Street - Grade: 74

A number of violations were found. Here, too, the inspector found food containers with no date marks on them, which are required.

Dishes put away as being clean were instead, dirty.

Vacuum sealed meat in the cooler was left open, which can affect taste and texture of the food.

Chop House, 7417 Chapman Highway - Old Grade: 78, New Grade: 93

Two weeks ago, Chop House on Chapman Highway scored a 78 on its inspection. The place was reinspected and the new grade is a 93.

More online: Read this week's full inspection reports [PDF]

Top Scores of the Week:

  • Kitchen 919, 5448 Homberg Drive - Grade: 100
  • Brazeiros Churrascaria, 6901 Kingston Pike - Grade: 100
  • Naples Italian Restaurant, 5500 Kingston Pike - Grade: 100
  • Chick-fil-A, 4944 Kingston Pike - Grade: 100
  • Soccer Taco, 6701 Kingston Pike - Grade: 100
  • Sassy Ann's, 820 N. Fourth Avenue - Grade: 100
  • KFC, 6711 Clinton Highway - Grade: 100
  • Monterrey Restaurant, 105 Cedar Lane - Grade: 100
  • Buddy's BBQ, 4401 Chapman Highway - Grade: 100
  • Pizza Hoss, 7215 Clinton Highway - Grade: 100
  • Salsarita's Fresh Cantina, 6645 Clinton Highway - Grade: 100

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