Knoxville soup, sandwich shop fails health inspection due to 6 critical violations

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) - A Knoxville soup and sandwich shop has the lowest health inspection score of the week, and it's a failing grade.

Tom + Chee, 9159 Kingston Pike - Grade: 66

That is a failing grade. A score below 70 is considered unsanitary by the health department. This is one of the lowest scores in Knox County all year. There were six critical violations that must be corrected by the time the restaurant is reinspected.

The inspector writes the person in charge, the manager, did not perform his duties. One of those jobs is to make sure employees are aware of health policies and know the health rules. When the inspector quizzed employees, they could not answer some questions.

Also, food temperatures were off. Tomato soup was being heated in a warmer, but was only 82 degrees. A temperature of 140 or above is the required safe temperature to slow the growth of bacteria.

More online: Read this week's full health inspections [PDF]

When the inspector checked a food slicer, there was food debris on it. The slicer had not been cleaned and sanitized properly.

Several unlabeled spray bottles were found in the kitchen. At home, when you use a chemical to spray in the kitchen, you know what's in the bottle because it is usually labeled. Those chemicals are supposed to be labeled at restaurants so there are not mistakes.

When she checked the ice dispenser, it had mold in it. Tom + Chee will be reinspected soon.

Top Scores of the Week:

At the high scoring restaurants this week, no reinspections will be necessary.

  • French Market II, 161 Brooklawn Street - Grade: 100
  • Tropical Smoothie Cafe, 9161 Kingston Pike - Grade: 100
  • Taco Bell, 11217 Kingston Pike - Grade: 100
  • Coffee & Chocolates, 327 Union Avenue - Grade: 100
  • Jubilee Banquet Facility, 6700 Jubilee Center Way - Grade: 100
  • Panda Garden, 2423 Callahan Drive - Grade: 100
  • Arby's, 408 Lovell Road - Grade: 99
  • Subway, 7327 Kingston Pike - Grade: 99
  • Fu House, 4421 Western Avenue - Grade: 98
  • Aubrey's, 805 Huckleberry Springs Road - Grade: 97
  • Cafe Vicolo, 625 Gay Street - Grade: 97
  • Denton's, 6914 Kingston Pike - Grade: 97

Restaurant inspections are unannounced and are conducted routinely every six months. However, if there is a serious enough complaint, the health department may reinspect at any time.

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