South Knoxville sushi grill, buffet fails health inspection

KNOXVILLE (WATE) -- Food temperatures were a big issue at a popular South Knoxville buffet bar. Proper temperatures are important to maintain to prevent possible food borne illness from occurring.

Jumbo Buffet, 7420 Chapman Highway – Grade: 83 New Grade: 93

While 83 is a passing health inspection grade, a follow-up inspection is required.

When the inspector checked the temperatures of food at the cold bar, they were way off. Sushi was at 69 degrees, watermelon at 65, and cantaloupe at 64. That's warm enough to potentially make customers sick.

The proper cool temperature is 41 degrees and below to slow the growth of bacteria. The sushi, watermelon, and cantaloupe were thrown away.

Knives that had been put away as being clean were found with food debris on them. All utensils are supposed to be washed, cleaned, and sanitized before they customers use them.

In the walk-in cooler, the inspector found unprotected vegetables. They weren't covered, but they should have been.

Jumbo Buffet has been re inspected as you see the new grade is a 93.

The Plaid Apron, 1210 Kneesaw Avenue – Grade: 69, Re-inspection Grade: 98Previous story: Expired food, unsanitary conditions found at popular Knoxville cafe

A few weeks ago, food temperatures, among other issues, were a problem at the Plaid Apron on Kenesaw Avenue. The inspector has returned, all of the critical violations were corrected.

Web Extra: This week's full inspection reports [PDF]

Some restaurants received excellent health inspection grades and will not be required to have a follow-up health inspection.

Top Scores of the Week:
  • Tom & Chee, 9159 Kingston Pike - Grade: 99
  • Krystal, 7215 Strawberry Plains Pike - Grade 99
  • Burger King, 5310 Middlebrook Pike - Grade 98
  • Cracker Barrel, 1510 Cracker Barrel Lane - Grade: 97
  • The Lunch House, 3816 Holston Drive - Grade: 97
  • Monster Pizza, 1723 Cumberland Avenue - Grade 96
  • Captain D's, 9335 Kingston Pike - Grade: 95
  • Tomo Japanese Restaurant, 7315 Kingston Pike - Grade: 95
  • Long's Drug Store, 4604 Kingston Pike - Grade: 95
  • The Edge, 7211 Kingston Pike - Grade: 95
  • Little Caesar's, 4434 Western Avenue - Grade: 95
  • Kaizen Izakaya, 416 Clinch Avenue - Grade 95

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