Knoxville woman's Samsung washer's top violently detaches; she says she wasn't notified of recall

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) - A Knoxville woman is asking why she never received a recall notice about her Samsung washing machine. The washer came apart two weeks ago with the top flying off. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

The manufacturer recalled certain washers 10 months ago. Almost 3 million top-loading machines were recalled last November because of reports of the washer becoming detached. WATE 6 On Your Side spoke with customers who said they were not getting the help they needed from Samsung after getting their recall notice.

At least one customer, a former Army combat nurse and mother of two, said she never received a notice and her washer looks like it exploded.

"Came home and this is what we came home to. It blew up. This is the top back here. This is the back of the washer, this is the front. So it came all the way out," said Shannon Allred.

The impact carved a hole in her laundry room ceiling. Violent shaking pulled the machine at least two feet from the wall scraping the dryer along the way. No one had been home when the washer went haywire.

"And it gashed the side of our cabinet and counter top. The hoses are pulled tight," she said.

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The top of the washer detached from the chassis, flew off and ended up on its side. Allred's laundry from two weeks ago is still inside the tub for the repair people to see. The machine had been on medium spin when it spun out of control. Three rods held tight during the violent shaking, but a fourth one didn't.

"We were not notified of a recall. We got nothing in the mail, nothing from Samsung did we receive," she said.

This was her second Samsung in two years. Allred said the first one was replaced because it wouldn't drain.

In early January, Shanika Moon was the first to tell WATE about her recalled Samsung and the delay in getting it fixed. Howard Rosichan said in mid-January despite the fix to his machine, he wasn't happy.

"It still shakes, it still vibrates," he said.

In February, Sonja Sharp said after weeks of calling a technician finally fixed her recalled washer. Samsung also provided Sharp with a warning label and an inlay on the control panel indicating which cycle to use.

While Allred's washer is one of those recalled, she's still waiting for assistance.

"Nobody has been out. Nobody has come to take pictures. We got an email that says send us information, we'll look at it," Allred said.

Allred has the receipt to her machine and notified Samsung.

"I think somebody from their company should have come out here and assessed the damage themselves," she said.

Samsung called Allred on Monday and said it will replace her washer and dryer, her shredded bedding, and throw in $200 for her inconvenience.

Samsung told WATE 6 On Your Side the company is working hard to ensure customers are aware of the recall and the options available. The company said it's actively communicating to recalled washer owners through direct communications, social media and in-store communication that it has mailed millions of home label kits to all known consumers who are affected by this recall.

"We have mailed millions of Home Label Kits to all known consumers who are impacted by this recall in an effort to educate them and encourage them to take advantage of the remedies available," Samsung said in a statement.

Allred is pleased that Samsung has reached out to her. Samsung says she was mailed a home label kit in December, but she says she never knew about a recall.


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