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Anderson County circuit court clerk files ethics complaint

CLINTON, Tenn. (WATE) - Anderson County Court Clerk William T. Jones has filed an ethics complaint and a complaint to the state comptroller's office against the commission chairman, the law director, plus the former and interim heads of the county human resources department.

Jones has been accused of sexual harassment, censured by the commission, and had a federal lawsuit filed against him. He's also filed a defamation lawsuit against an accuser.

The commission this week tabled a motion by Mayor Terry Frank seeking answers about the timeline and the handling of the complaints against Jones.

Jones has continued to deny the allegations against him. A representative for Jones said in a statement that there is a clear process outlined in the Anderson County employee handbook regarding sexual harassment complaints that has not been followed.

“Our county government has blatantly ignored if not willfully tramped its own code of conduct as well as breaking state laws during the latest allegations," Jones said in a statement. "I am deeply disturbed to also find out over the last week that former HR director Bearden and Law Director Yeager lied in statements about an inexistent investigation and the time frames that both men learned of allegations. All evidence that has been gathered thus far confirms that this political attack was set in motion to catch myself alongside my wife and the voters of Anderson County off guard only 60 days before an election. A fraud has been perpetrated against the citizens of our county. In the coming weeks, as more evidence comes forth this will be made clear.”

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