Burt Reynolds film featuring Knoxville gets release date

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) - After shooting scenes around Knoxville and in Neyland Stadium this past summer, it has been announced "The Last Movie Star" will be released Friday, March 30. 

The film, formerly-titled "Dog Years",  stars Burt Reynolds and Modern Family's Ariel Winter. It partially-set in Knoxville and loosely follows Reynolds' life. 

Reynolds, who received a scholarship to play football at Florida State, plays a college football star-turned Hollywood stunt double traveling to Nashville to receive a film festival award after being convinced to do so by an old friend, played by Chevy Chase. 

"All the stars aligned and we were able to bring the film to Knoxville," the movie's producer, Gordon Whitener, told WATE this past June.

"We'll be at some very, very cool places in Knoxville, places that people will recognize. As a sidebar, they won't necessarily be in the movie what you think they are, but they're going to be places that people will recognize," Whitener said.

But what about Neyland? Whitener said, "Neyland will be Neyland."

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