Campbell County Animal Shelter deals with ice in dog kennels

JACKSBORO, Tenn. (WATE) - After days and weeks of cold and sometimes freezing temperatures, the Campbell County Animal Shelter is looking for a break with rising temperatures on the forecast. 

"We have issues with ice out in the kennels that's coming inside into our indoor kennels from the dog runs. We've seen our numbers increase with the community calling with animals that need to be brought in," said Patricia Siwinski, the shelter's director. 

Siwinski says the shelter's roof doesn't extend over the outside kennel dog runs. So, when water comes off the roof it goes into the runs and freezes when it's cold. 

That ice is what causes problems. 

"We take buckets back there and try to break it up. If you pour hot water, it's just going to refreeze and be thicker. It takes a great amount of staff effort. They spend a great amount of time breaking up ice instead of doing animal care," said Siwinski. 

The ice freezes shut the doors between the inside and the outside kennel spaces. Staff members work around the clock when it's cold to keep the ice from forming, so animals can access outside. 

Even then, sheets of ice form along the dog runs that make it dangerous for staff or animals to stand on. Siwinski says paws are the most sensitive area for dogs.

"In the overall scheme of things, it doesn't seem like that big of a deal. but it really is. It's a simple fix," said Siwinski. 

The cost to extend the roof is $2,000. Siwinski says finding the funds and the supplies to make it happen is what she hopes the community can help happen. 

"We're thankful for the warmer weather coming through, but, anticipating that it will get cold again. We're thankful for the heat," said Siwinski. 

The shelter is looking for roofing material and metal. For a full list of items and possible donations visit the Campbell County Animal Shelter's Facebook page. 

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