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Campbell County Commission approves $1 million school board budget amendment

JACKSBORO (WATE) -  The Campbell County School Board asked the Campbell County Commission for approval to pass a vote allowing $1 million to go towards capital improvements Monday night.

The school board needed approval to reallocate $1 million from the school board's Undesignated Fund Balance to an account for Capital Outlay Needs.

"We cannot have a track meet until this track gets replaced. Then we have the football field lights. We realize that we're going to have to wait until football season is over to interfere, then working on the light and the track - top two things," said Clint Bane, chairman of the Campbell County School Board.

Some of the largest funded projects include:

  • $250,000 for a new track
  • $265,000 for new football stadium lights at Campbell County High School
  • $120,000 for tennis courts at Jellico High School
  • $30,000 for playground equipment at Jacksboro Elementary

"This track has been an issue for years. That is a major item on this list. Some of my peers said they might not even have track meets," said Noah Smith, senior at Campbell County High School.

During the county commission meeting, Commissioner Rusty Orick motioned to table the vote until next month so the commission could further discuss the amendment. However, that motion failed with a 7-8 vote.

"The goal of the board is to meet all the classroom and educational needs of all the children here in Campbell County," said Bane.

The next steps for the school board is to prioritize projects and set a timeline.

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