Campbell County hunters excited for proposed 2nd Amendment sales tax holiday

LAFOLLETTE (WATE) - A proposed sales tax holiday for guns and ammunition will soon be on its way to a Tennessee Senate committee. The proposed Second Amendment Sales Tax Holiday would eliminate the 9.25 percent sales tax on firearms and ammunition for the first weekend in September.

House Bill 744 was drafted by 36th District State Rep. Dennis Powers and aims to give hunters a break this season.

"We've always been a state that believes in the Second Amendment and Second Amendment rights," said Representative Powers.

Susie Carroll and her husband have owned La Follette Sports Shop for more than 30 years and she believes the tax free weekend will not only attract business, but help sustain a way of life for some.

"Some people here, they eat everything they kill and so I think it would help them tremendously," said Carroll. "It would help them to buy their ammunition and whatever they needed to hunt with."

Rep. Powers says there will be pros and cons though and not everyone may agree with it.

"There will be a little bit of an expense because you are losing some revenue," said Powers.

"Well some people who are not for guns are not going to like it," said Carroll. "They're going to think it would be better to do it on some other item than a hunting item, but hunting is a big factor is this part of the country."

David Goins has been hunting since age 7 and says he's seen the rising cost of firearms and ammunition limit the number of people who hunt.

"It's expensive. I mean you go out to buy a gun now to hunt with it's not $150 to $200 anymore like it was when I was a kid. It's $500 to $600 plus tax," said Goins. "That's a lot of difference in their income you know, on what they're going to have to spend."

The bill is expected to be filed this weekend. Powers also hopes the tax free weekend will attract more gun manufacturers to the state of Tennessee, which, in turn, could create more jobs.

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