Crown College staff, students remember Blake Smith during chapel service

POWELL, Tenn. (WATE) - Around 1,000 Crown College students gathered Wednesday to pray for Blake Smith's family and to remember the kind and Godly man he was.

Smith was found dead Monday after having been reported missing. An investigation into his death is still underway, but a preliminary autopsy report said it appeared accidental.

Clarence Sexton, the founder and president of Crown College, says he is trying to help his students by leading them to God for comfort. 

"I'm just trying to minister to our student body," said Sexton. "They loved and respected Blake and now with so many unanswered questions about his death I feel like we have to come to the things that bring assurance, things we know."

Classmate and friend Daniel Mawson says Smith was a good person to be around.

"He was a really nice guy," said Mawson. "He had a ton of friends. No one really had any problems with him. He's a really, really, great guy. Everybody loved him. He was just a person that you always want to be around." 

Mawson says he and Smith had several classes together as Smith studied to be a preacher. He says he and his fellow students look to the bible for comfort and find peace in the lord. 

"You can sense a lot of people are just down and discouraged about it," said Mawson. "I think there is a spirit of God's going to do something with this. You know, everything happens for a reason and so we've just got to hold to that."

Sexton says the school plans to have a formal memorial service for Smith, but they want to wait until his family, home church and hometown have a chance to do theirs first. 

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