East Tennessee restaurant manager's act of kindness for Irma evacuees goes viral

PIGEON FORGE, Tenn. (WATE) - Celebrating their wedding just before Irma hit their hometown in Florida, newlyweds Deanna and Benjamin Feist were happy to evacuate to safety in the Smoky Mountains hoping to make the most of their honeymoon.

Even though their thoughts were consumed with how their family members back home were doing, they were having a great trip until car troubles left them stranded in the parking lot of the Old Mill Restaurant. That's where they met Mo Tamadeoni, a stranger who offered to lend a hand.

"I started thinking what is it I can do to help them," said Tamadeoni, a manager at the restaurant.

He helped fix their car and then brought the couple in to eat.

"I said you know, I think I can help them by buying their meal at the restaurant and giving them a small amount of money so they can, if they need to, buy a battery for their Car. And then I wrote a letter for them," said Tamadeoni.

He slipped the letter and money into an envelope and told a waitress to give it to the couple.

"I was absolutely astounded that people like that really exist. I see videos on Facebook and I see the stories and you always think, that doesn't happen, it's not really life, but it happened to us," said Deanna Feist.

Overwhelmed with emotion, Feist says it was just what they needed to feel uplifted. She shared the photo on Facebook garnering more than 16,000 likes in a matter of hours.

Meanwhile, Tamadeoni, who doesn't even have Facebook, says his phone started ringing.

"I was trying to remain anonymous to be honest with you because I don't like publicity and it was amazing to get the kind of response.  I'm overwhelmed and emotional because I don't expect it," said Tamadeoni.

Feist calls him a hero. Tamadeoni says he's far from that.

"I don't feel that way at at all. The people who are there working trying to save people, first responders, law enforcement, volunteers are the heroes, I'm nobody, I just saw someone in need and I just reached out a hand," said Tamadeoni.

The Feists said now that they are heading back home to Florida, they can't wait to find a way to pay the generosity forward.


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