Families enjoy Gatlinburg snow

GATLINBURG, Tenn. (WATE) - The Huey sisters are in Gatlinburg for their annual sister trip and remembering the trips they took here with parents nearly 30 years ago.

Along the parkway, they look for the candy shop they went to as kids. 

"We love walking down the Parkway. Going in and out of the shops," said Geraldine Brown, a Huey sister.  

Though they are experiencing something for the first time -- snow flurries in the air and a white dusting on the trees.

"It's just wonderful, we just always wished it was snowing when we were here. We always wish this stuff," said Sherry Ponder, one of the Huey sisters. 

Other families are enjoying the snow too. The Epps family came to Gatlinburg to take in the winter weather. 

"We came to see the snow and the Christmas lights with the pretty girls," said Mrs. Epps. 

They say they don't have everything planned just yet, but like the Huey sisters, they're enjoying Gatlinburg's Christmas light show and the cold weather. 

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