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Family remembers Maryville man who died after dump truck collapses on him

MARYVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) - A Maryville man is dead after a dump truck fell on him Saturday morning. 

The Blount County Sheriff's Office says Graham Scott Benson, 47, was working on the 2002 Kenworth dump truck at C & C Trucking on Lamar Alexander Parkway when it collapsed on him. 

Witnesses at the scene told deputies that the jack stands supporting the truck shifted, and the truck fell on Benson. 

Benson was pronounced dead at the scene. 

Benson was known as Scott Roberts to his friends and family. Sherry Smiley, his longtime girlfriend, remembers the last time she saw him.

"I said are you sure you don't want me to drive you back over there? He said, 'No I'll be fine.' When he was walking off the porch he turned around and looked back... I didn't know that was it." she said.

Smiley and Roberts have two children Tanner, 9, and Levi, 3. Smiley says when she learned what happened, just yards from their home, she couldn't believe it. 

"I thought he knew what he was doing. I never thought this would happen," said Smiley. 

Smiley says Roberts could "light up a room" with his presence. They were introduced a decade ago and she says created a life together. 

"He was fun. He was loving. He was just fantastic. he was great with the kids. He worked really hard, he was a hard working man." said Smiley. 

Roberts' friends say the same, that he was hard working and loved his family. 

"Always had a smile on his face, make everybody laugh, all the time trying to cheer people up. [He should be remembered as] The warm and loving person that he was." said Cassandra Potter, a longtime family friend. 

His family and friends share that he loved his work, which was as a Mechanic at C and C trucking. Smiley says really, he loved work because it allowed him to provide for his family.  

"He did it all. You name it... if they wanted him to shovel manure. He was there. Anything they needed done, he didn't hesitate, he just got right in digging holes with post hole diggers. Whatever they needed, he was right there, he didn't hestitate." said Smiley. 

Smiley says she doesn't want their sons to forget their Dad, she plans on telling them stories and continuing family traditions. 

"He didn't want them to be lazy. He wanted them to get up and do things. All the time he was working on the vehicles, he wanted them right there with him." said Smiley. 

BCSO is investigating the incident. 


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