Former addict, Campbell County deputy helping others recover

JACKSBORO, Tenn. (WATE) - A recovered addict and law enforcement officer has returned home to Campbell County to help others fight addiction. Campbell County ranks number three in the nation for opioid prescriptions per capita, according to the district attorney general.

"If it weren't for Jesus Christ, my savior, I wouldn't be standing here today," said Scott Smith.

Previous story: Campbell County ranks no. 3 in nation for opioid prescriptions

Smith and others meet Thursday nights at First Baptist Church in Jacksboro for Celebrate Recovery, a weekly program aimed at helping those battling addiction.

A cancer diagnosis a few years ago turned Smith down the wrong road.

"I would drink and use alcohol and it turned into a pain pill addiction. And it got bigger and bigger and stronger and stronger," said Smith.

Smith was a Campbell County deputy sheriff for 20 years and is now sharing his road to recovery with those battling addiction. Smith woke up from life support four times after accidental overdoses and served seven years in jail for robbing s drug store.

Those second chances urged him to help his hometown.

"I believe my reason is to go out and tell others about the freedom I have got through our savior called Jesus Christ," he said.

Becky Goney found that freedom. She's been coming to Celebrate Recovery for a year and is proudly 22 months sober.

"I could see right away that all they wanted to do is help me become a better me. That's all they have done," she said.

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