Fountain City restaurant, Halls bar on low score

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) - A Fountain City restaurant and a Halls bar earned the lowest marks in this week's county health inspection.

Chop House in Fountain City was given an 81 in their last inspection -- anything below 70 is considered failing. The inspector said utensils with food debris were put away with clean utensils. An employee also failed to wash his hands in between loading dirty dishes and utensils, then unloading clean dishes and utensils. 

Temperature violations were also found. Pasta was being held at 50 degrees. It should have been at 41 degrees or below to slow bacteria growth.

On the other end of the scale, macaroni and cheese was held at 109 degrees and sauteed onions at 106 degrees; 135 degrees and above is the safe temperature.

The inspector returned to Chop House in Fountain City and the original grade was upgraded to a 96.

In Halls, Slick Willy's scored an 82, also a passing score.

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The inspector found no date marking on ready-to-eat foods. If food is held for over 24 hours, it must be date marked and used within seven days to safeguard the food and to prevent guesswork.

In the refrigerator, raw chicken was found stored over ready-to-eat food. You may do that at home, but it can't be done in restaurants to prevent cross-contamination. The inspector also couldn't find towels at an employee hand sink. Drip-drying your hands is not an option in restaurant kitchens.

Slick Willy's was checked again and the original grade was upgraded to a 98.

Here are the best scores of the week:

  • Kaizen Asian, 416 Clinch Avenue, 100
  • Snappy Tomato Pizza, 11507 Kingston Pike, 100
  • Cracker Barrell, 2920 Mall Road, 100
  • Dead End Barbecue, 3621 Sutherland Avenue, 100
  • Sunrise Deli, 8802 Tazewell Pike, 100
  • Aubrey's, 805 Huckleberry Springs Road, 99
  • Pizza Inn, 5420 Clinton Highway, 99
  • Salsarita's, 5224 Broadway, 99
  • Buddy's BBQ, 4500 Broadway, 99
  • The Empty Cup, 9111 Executive Park, 98
  • Zaxby's, 4020 Cripped Road, 98
  • Shoney's, 315 Emory Road, 98





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