Guinness World Records Adventure hopes to attract tourists to Gatlinburg

GATLINBURG (WATE) - You can find the largest Pac-Man game and test your height against the tallest man in the world all under the same roof. The newly renovated Guinness World Records Museum is located in the heart of Gatlinburg on the Parkway.

The official grand opening was held Tuesday to draw in tourists with new renovations inside.

"Guinness, even though it's brand new on the inside, it's in the same location it has always been," said Mike Werner, the mayor of Gatlinburg.

Everything has been renovated inside with the hope to draw in more guests from the outside.

Commissioner Kevin Triplett, with the Tennessee Department of Tourism said, "You will not regret coming, you will enjoy your time here."

That's the main message tourism officials are trying to get across. While the November wildfires devastated the community, a majority of businesses have been up and running and they want to see visitors come back.

"If you came here before November 28 and did 100 things, odds are all 100 of those things are still here," said Triplett.

The Guinness World Records Adventure has themed galleries, amazing records and exhibits.

Werner adds, "You could spend a day looking at all the really usual and interesting things."

There are over 20 interactive games for all ages to enjoy.

An artist from Gatlinburg broke a Guinness World Record at the grand opening on Tuesday. He achieved the world's largest doormat with Gatlinburg painted on a 26 by 16 feet mat. The goal was to not only set a record, but attract tourists.

Woods Hippensteal, the artist of the doormat said, "Gatlinburg is still here and we want people to come and enjoy things. And what better way than welcome them."

Record-breakers like Hippensteal hope you will check out their accomplishments inside the museum. From Memorial Day until Labor Day, the Guinness World Records Adventure will be open from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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