Jefferson City officers praised for saving infant's life

JEFFERSON CITY, Tenn. (WATE) - The Jefferson City Police Department is singing the praises of two of its officers who were able to revive an infant who wasn't breathing.

Five-week-old Amaya has acid reflux which can cause problems with her airways. On February 19, it caused her to stop breathing. 

"Amaya was blueberry blue," said her mother, Monica Brooks. "She was dark."

Brooks, and her own mother, Denise Fillmore, knew they needed help. 

"My mom grabbed the suction bulb and just started suctioning everything out and could only get enough out to let out little whimpers and so we called 911," said Brooks.

Jefferson City Officers Monte Bowen and Zachary Davidson arrived within minutes, ahead of the ambulance.



"It puts me in the mind of like a rag doll," said Bowen. "The limbs were just very limp and she wasn't fighting, so, I could tell she wasn't breathing. I knew we had to hurry up and try to get whatever was blocking her throat."

He used the suction bulb to clear her throat and Amaya started breathing again.

"I felt like my heart went back into my chest," said Brooks. "I felt calm then because I knew she was okay and she was breathing."

Once she was stable Amaya as taken to Children's Hospital and is okay thanks to Bowen.

"Out of 20 something years, 23 I think I've been doing this, it was by the best day of my life," said Bowen.

Amaya's family says what Bowen did is everything to them.

"I know he feels like like he's just doing his job," said Fillmore. "But I don't know if he knows just how grateful we are. She is our world."

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