Knoxville man wants icy neighborhood hills to be treated

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) - Two days after snow covered much of East Tennessee salt trucks are finally making their way into Steven Lewis's neighborhood.

"For the first time in 20 years of living over here, we actually had a truck that came up and did something here," said Lewis. "I'm very appreciative I'm impressed."

For the last two days Lewis and many of his neighbors, like James Powers, have been stuck in their West Knoxville neighborhood.

"This morning my wife, she has a brand new all wheel drive Subaru," said Powers. "It got hung up on the hill and we couldn't get out in her car." 

Powers says until the hills are cleared there is no leaving the neighborhood.

"There's three ways back to the back to the back of the subdivision here and all of them are steep hills straight up and down," said Powers. "Getting in isn't such a bad thing. It's just once you're here you better have everything you need because you're not getting back out without at least four wheel drive and sometimes that won't cut it."

The city did come and treat Lewis and Power's subdivision but Public Works Director Chad Weth says there are just too many level three roads to treat every single one. 

"I would say as a neighborhood, some neighborhoods come together and find solutions," said Weth. "We do try to get into those level three streets and other areas but it's all based on time and recources."

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