Law professor on constitutionality of raising gun purchase age limit to 21

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) - Walmart, Dick's Sporting Goods, and now Fred Meyer, which is owned by Kroger, have all announced they've raised the age minimum for buying guns and/or ammunition to 21.

The decision came after a 19-year-old was legally able to buy an AR-15 that was used to kill 17 people in the Florida high school shooting.

The news created a lot of controversy, with gun advocates claiming it's unconstitutional.

Lincoln Memorial University Law Professor Akram Faizer says the stores have a legal right to raise the age threshold because the constitution typically does not apply to private individuals or businesses.

Age is a protected class, but Faizer says the decision does not count as age discrimination because those statutes apply to protecting the elderly, not the young, from discrimination.

Faizer says while President Trump has been talking about raising the age limit on a federal level, many say the move is anti-Second Amendment. He says the amendment gives very narrow rights, according to Supreme Court precedent, to possess a handgun in the home. Anything beyond that is not protected by the Second Amendment, Faizer says. Therefore, he says President Trump can raise the age limit.

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