Leak leaves some New Market residents without running water

NEW MARKET, Tenn. (WATE) - Suzane Klein is frustrated after five days without running water. 

"It just makes everything difficult, and not only that, it's unhealthy and unsanitary," Klein said. 

Most faucets in her home produce no water whatsoever. In others, cold water trickles, too slowly to wash dishes or even take a shower. 

"You can't clean, you can't cook, can't bathe. We've gone to truck stops to take showers," Klein said.

Her home was not the only home affected. Neighbors on Flat Gap road reported their water being out for four days this week.

New Market Utilities said they have been dealing with freezing pipes and water leaks from the cold weather.

"At night those lines will freeze, so not only are we paying for water we're not getting, service that's been inadequate for a long time not just since Sunday, we're running out electric bill up to keep these lines from freezing," Klein said. "It's just a double whammy."

There is still no word on when Klein's water will be restored, and all she wants now is to take a hot shower in her own home. 

"It's very frustrating," she said. "It's frustrating to know that you pay for a service that you're not getting. I want water."

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