Boil water advisory still in effect in Jellico

JELLICO, Tenn. (WATE) - A boil water advisory for Jellico has been extended until further notice Monday after 1,700 homes in Jellico were without water over the weekend.

Jellico Electric and Water Systems told customers Monday that they should run their faucets until water is clear. Officials said water may start clear and then come discolored. Water may have a strong bleach odor, so customers should run water until the odor diminishes.

As of Monday afternoon 1,450 of the 1,700 homes now have running water and the water system is fully operational again.

A memo released Friday by the utility system shows a water sample exceeded state and local turbidity standards. This means there's a higher chance the water could contain disease-causing organisms. Because of the test results, a boil water advisory was issued.

Ashley Perkins was one of the 1,700 households without running water.

"Last night, around midnight we were having a group gathering and someone came back and said the toilet won't flush," said Perkins. 

Morton says Jellico Electric and Water System and Jellico Mayor Jay Muncie informed him around 10 a.m. that the water system was depleted.

"We notified TV and radio when lost, actually lost water. Which happened earlier today.We did not anticipate it taking this long to get the water restored. That came up on us real sudden. We didn't expect failure after failure," said Joe Carroll, General Manager of Jellico Electric and Water System.

The utility says it is implementing supplemental purification which can begin restoring water to holding tanks within a few hours for limited service.

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