New all-inclusive park opens in Karns

KARNS (WATE) - Sunday dozens of parents, kids and community leaders came together as the Karns Lion Club opened a new all-inclusive playground at the Karns Community Park.

"This playground has been so needed and the outpour of people stopping by every day asking when it would be open," said Monica Dailey with the Karns Lions Club. "I expected this today."

The park is designed for children with special needs to be able to play more easily.

"My other daughter has down syndrome, so this park is amazing for her and just the fact that it's open to children with all abilities," said Karah Loveland.

The park is equipped with slides, crawl tunnels and other equipment that is wheelchair accessible.

The playground is also for children without special needs.

"I have two kids of my own and I want to be able to teach them that everyone is equal and to play with all kids," said Katie Friar.

Parents say the most important thing is for kids to feel safe and included.

"A kid is a kid," said Kerri Thompson. "I think it's important for children whether they have disabilities or not to think of themselves as just a kid who can do anything regardless of their abilities. They can be here and play with other kids and everybody's on the same playing field."

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