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Pair of South Knoxville restaurants net lowest grades of the week

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) - Two low-scoring restaurants in Knox County each were cited for a number of violations that could lead to food-borne illness if not corrected.

The worst grade of the week was at Szechuan Garden on Chapman Highway in south Knoxville. The restaurant earned a 73 -- anything below 70 is considered unsanitary.

When the inspector asked two employees about the health department's illness policy, they hadn't heard about it.

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There are five symptoms that employees must know, including a sore throat or fever, violently upset stomach, infected cuts or burns. If they experience any of them, they are required to report the symptoms to a manager. If employees don't know what the symptoms are, they could jeopardize the health of other employees -- or customers.

The inspector also said he watched the cook handle raw chicken, then without washing his hand, he touched ready-to-eat food. 

Food was also not held at the right temperature -- raw beef was at 45 degrees. A temperature below 41 degrees is required to kill bacteria growth.

Finally, when the inspector checked the food slicer, there was still food on it.

The second-lowest score of the week was Chop House on Chapman Highway in south Knoxville. The restaurant netted a 78 -- passing, but still violations.

No date marks were found on some food. At restaurants, these marks are required and the food must be used within seven days once it's opened. The inspector also found food that was out of temperature. 

Finally, two employees had no knowledge of the health department's illness policy.

A few weeks ago, IHOP on Lovell Road scored a 76 with a number of violations. They've been taken care of and the new score is a 96.

Here are the best grades of the week:

  • Love that Barbecue, 1901 Maryville Pike: 100
  • Archer's Barbecue, 5415 Kingston Pike: 100
  • Firehouse Subs, 2431 Callahan Drive: 100
  • Saddle Bags Bar & Grill, 8503 Old Rutledge Pike: 100
  • Starbucks, 329 Cedar Bluff Road: 100
  • Moe's Southwest Grill. 1800 Cumberland Avenue: 100
  • Sunspot, 2200 Cumberland Avenue: 99
  • Spicey's North, 950 E. Emory Road: 99
  • El Rey Azteca Mexican, 3515 W. Emory Road: 99
  • Denny's, 4834 N. Broadway: 98
  • Petro's, 1033 N. Cedar Bluff Road: 98
  • Firehouse Subs, 603 E. Emory Road: 98

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