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Parents attend Anderson County Schools town hall to address safety concerns

CLINTON, Tenn. (WATE) - Around 200 people attended a town hall in Clinton Thursday night to learn how Anderson County Schools is working to keep students safe. The district put together this meeting to address any concerns.

The Anderson County Sheriff's Office said Thursday afternoon a 15-year-old Clinton High School student was taken into custody. They say she sent messages to a boy on social media that led to threats.

After a school shooting in Florida last week, parent Brenda Salyer wanted to see how the school district plans to keep her daughter safe.

"I figured I'd just come to see what their safety measures were," she said.

Seventeen people died in the Florida shooting which prompted Anderson County officials to organize this town hall.

"The procedures we have in place we never hope we have to use them but they are in place just for that one incident," said Dr. Tim Parrott, director of Anderson County Schools.

Recent violence hits home for these parents. Last month, a student opened fire at a school in nearby Benton, Kentucky.

There are eight school resource officers in Anderson County. The panel also told parents about its Raptor system. It allows schools to do a background check on every visitor when they give an ID. This safety measure began this year. At least two high schools are also getting new surveillance cameras.

"With the best plan you've got, somebody somewhere is going to try to work around that plan," said parent Kenny Calton.

Dr. Parrott believes the social and emotional aspects of safety are just as important as the physical. The school district is one of three in the state that has a special federal grant. The money goes towards mental health services and was given to them after the shooting at Sandy Hook.






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