Crews contain Hamblen County fires

MORRISTOWN, Tenn. (WATE) - Crews fought two fires in Hamblen County overnight.

A fire in Morristown in the Crockett Ridge area caused 15 residents to evacuate Wednesday night. 

No residents were injured, although two firefighters suffered minor injuries. One received injuries from a fall and the other suffered from smoke inhalation. 

The Morristown Police Department said the fire was first reported on Celeste at Ridgemont around 10:30 p.m.  Dispatchers said it was originally the size of a football field.

The fire affected 25 acres and is now out.

The Noe family was one of those who had to leave home and say their dog alerted them something was wrong. When they saw the fire, the couple says they did the same thing with their neighbors.

"We just went to doors yelling for people to come out," said Bobby Noe.

There were moments of panic and terror.The couple said both ways to get out of their neighborhood were blocked.

"In the back of my mind, [I] was thinking about the people in Gatlinburg and what it was like for them because there were embers floating through the air but they were large and I stopped and thought, 'I can't, I can't get through there.' And about that time the fire jumped the road and big flames were just everywhere," said Darlene Noe.

Police officers were able to help the couple turn around and get out.

It could've very easily turned out differently but then today it sort of hits you what could have been," said the couple.

They've since been able to go home and thankfully everything is okay.

"Something we'll never forget. It was a great feeling to go home and see our house and see the sun come up this morning," said the Noes.

Morristown police commended emergency responders for their efforts.

The following roads were evacuated: LeConte. Christmas, Celeste, Ridgemont, Grandview and Spangle. 

Police say no structures have been damaged and none were being threatened.

The Connell family came out to the Crockett Ridge area Thursday to see what really happened and take pictures.

"From our backyard we could still see teh glow from the fire and we could see all the fire trucks. It was just really scary. We didn't know how far it could go," said Angela Connell.

The Connells live far enough away that they weren't evacuated and their home was never in the line of the fire.

"Just how grateful we are that all the firefighters took care of it to where everybody was safe," added Connell.

Crews will begin looking into the cause of the Morristown fire once it is daylight. 

Evacuees were sent to a shelter, Manley Baptist Church, overnight and are now able to go home.

Dispatch confirmed there was another fire in Hamblen County in Russellville. The fire is near Mullins Road and Anderson Bend Road. It has affected 50 acres. 

There have been no evacuations and no homes are at risk. 

The fire is now more than 70 percent contained.



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