Tennessee tops list of 'Angriest States'

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) - What you're about to read may make you angry. In fact, if you live in Tennessee, a study shows that it probably will.

A recent study by the financial website WalletHub found that the Volunteer State is the angriest state in the country. 

To determine rankings, WalletHub looked at a few different factors, including

  • Violent crimes per capita
  • Sex offenders per capita
  • Bully rate
  • Hate-crime incidents per capita
  • Hate groups per capita
  • Share of maltreated adults (measures the prevalence of rape, physical abuse and stalking among men and woman by an intimate partner)
  • Share of maltreated children (measures the prevalence of physical, psychological or sexual abuse among children)
  • Share of hostile internet comments
  • Discrimination case filed
  • Number of mass shootings
  • Share of elder abuse

Using that methodology, Tennessee came in first place, a full 6 points ahead of second place Kentucky, Alaska and Mississippi make up the top five angriest states.

Knoxville fared a bit better, ranking as the 42nd angriest city in the country. Charleston, W.V.; St. Louis, Mo., Lewiston, ME; Burlington, Vt.; and Orlando, Fla. were the five angriest cities.

The least angry states were Hawaii, Iowa, North Dakota, Minnesota and Utah.

Tennessee also ranked #15 for "Most Jealous," #3 for "Excesses and Vices," #20 for "Greed," #11 for "Lust," #21 for "Vanity" and #15 for "Laziness."

Knoxville ranked #10 for "Excesses and Vices" and #17 for "Vanity."

You can check out the full study here and the study on individual cities here

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