Trump campaign bus stops in Knoxville

WATE 6 On Your Side staff - KNOXVILLE (WATE) - Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump's campaign tour bus stopped in Knoxville.

The bus arrived Monday at noon at the Knoxville Expo Center. While Trump and his running-mate Mike Pence were not on board, dozens of people attended the rally to encourage people to vote.

Congressman John J. Duncan, Jr. was at the rally. After leaving Knoxville, the bus will stop in Athens and Knoxville. The McMinn County GOP said the bus was expected arrive at Market Park at around 2:00 p.m.

Dozens of female voters turned out to the Donald Trump bus tour rally to show their support for the Republican presidential candidate.

"I don't know why they said women are against him," a Sharon Cook, Trump supporter, said. "I see a lot of women here. I'm a woman. I support him."

The latest ABC poll shows Hillary Clinton leading trump among 20 percentage points among women, nationally, and with a 32 point advantage with college-educated white women, a group with a history of voting republican.

But the women who gathered in front of the Knoxville Expo Center said they are unnerved by the polling and that despite some of the controversial comments Trump has said, he still has their vote.

"Men are pigs," Jean Nored, a Trump supporter, said. "But I'm much more worried about what Hillary's done than what Trump's says."

Robin Pressley agrees.

"Nothing bothers me," she said. "Nothing he's said, nothing's they say he's done, bothers me. I'm still voting for Trump."

Women attending the rally said they are more concerned with what Trump will do for the country than the things he says.

"He's whole-heartedly for America, for the healing of our country, the restoration of our country, and he's for Judaeo-Christian values," Cheri Dubey, a Trump supporter, said.

And though Trump's rhetoric and multiple women accusing him of sexual misconduct have rubbed some republican women the wrong way, the female voters at Monday's rally said they feel strongly that Trump is the candidate who will put the country in the right direction.

"Most people in their life have said and done things they wish they hadn't," Cook said. But [Trump] wants to do the right thing for this country. This is his home. He grew up here and he knows the ability of the people that live in this nation."

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