VIDEO: Frightening video shows Knoxville worker hit by tree

KNOXVILLE (WATE) - A terrifying moment caught on camera shows an employee at a tree cutting service in a cherry picker. The tree snaps back, hitting him while in the bucket.

The employee works for Wolf Tree in Knoxville and is an area manager. The company was cleaning up storm damage in the area. According to employees, the tree was bunched up against two poles. They say it was under too much pressure and shouldn't have been cut that way.

One worker says it could have been him in that bucket and he no longer works there. He says changes need to be made.

"Changes, more supervisors on the job. The need to be on the job more and watch and do their job better as leaders. Teach other guys how to do it better," said Michael Smiley.

Smiley says the employee in the bucket is doing okay and is back on the job.

Wolf Tree issued a statement saying the employee was working in an unsafe, unapproved manner and has been disciplined. The company also says it is addressing safety violations unternally.

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