Local powerlifter working to break her own world record

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Reflecting on her new world record, Sarah Lewis chuckles.

"In my head I was like, I hope this goes up."

"I was very proud. I was very happy for her, but I wasn't excited at all, as far as oh my God, I can't believe it," said her husband Randy. "I knew it was gonna happen. As long as she didn't overthink it, I knew she had it."

In late April, Sarah set the new world record in both the squat lift and total lift (combination of deadlift, squat and bench press) her weight class at the Women's Pro Powerlifting Meet in Cincinnati.

"It's still not real," she laughs.

It is to her friends and various sponsors, who've watched her develop rapidly after beginning to seriously powerlift in December of 2015.

"She's built, big shoulders. And I'm jealous of that," jokes her clothing sponsor Wally Judy.

"She's just so determined to be the best she can be," adds local Nutrishop owner and supplements sponsor Josh Smith.

"We're going through a competition here at Frankie's Body Shop," Sarah's nutrition coach, owner of Naked Food Alison Oakes recollects. "There's a bunch of strong women there. Sarah comes up to the podium, adds double the weight, and does a rep-- and I'm just like, who the heck is this chick?"

The Campbell County graduate ran track in high school, but began body building when she met her husband, Randy.

"I didn't really like lifting, until he got me into it. Once you see your body changing.. it's like, I like this."

"She began to love it," Randy adds. "She said I want to pick things up basically... I like lifting heavy!"

Sarah's hard work came together last month, when her squat of 545 and total lift of 1380 surpassed the previous world records in her weight class.

"Probably one of the highlights of my life, to see that dream come true for her," said Oakes, who was on hand to watch the meet.

Though her record is fresh, Sarah is aware it's likely only temporary.

"The girl that had it before me, she competes in August, and she'll probably take it. So I can't stop now," Sarah admits, as she works toward a new goal of a 1,500 total lift.

As she strives to set a record that can't be topped, the nurse and mother of three balances her commitment with a hectic family life thanks to her spouse and workout partner.

Asked if they could do it without the other, Sarah and Randy pause, turn toward each other, and simultaneously utter one word: "No.

"It takes a team effort, sometimes it's like tag you're it. That's just the way it works."

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