Mom, 2 others charged after toddler drinks meth soda at New Year's Eve party

GRANTSVILLE, Utah (KTVX) - Lucinda Black is a mother charged in connection with her 3-year-old daughter drinking from a water bottle with methamphetamine and soda inside, according to court documents.

Three siblings — Lucinda, Dani, and Ashley — were partying on New Year’s Eve inside a mobile home in Grantsville, court documents show.

“One of the females had consumed some of the drink, left the bottle in an area that was accessible to the 3-year-old, and the 3-year-old then located the bottle – and drank from that bottle,” said Alison Peterson, a spokesperson for Grantsville Police Department.

Court documents show the 3-year-old girl drank out of a water bottle, then “started acting weird” after doing so.

Peterson says police first found out about the case when a guardian brought the 3-year-old from the Willow Street mobile home to the Mountain West Medical Center emergency room.

“The reason they were calling is the child had tested positive for meth,” said Peterson.

Police say the three siblings all face multiple charges after that night.

“You can only imagine what a 3-year-old child would go through consuming the same amount of drugs as an adult so it’s alarming, it’s concerning,” said Peterson.

The 3-year-old child is recovering, according to police.

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