Texas couple's vacation home stolen

(WATE) - A Texas couple reported their house stolen to police. 

The couple says they discovered their pre-fab vacation home on their property in Madisonville was gone. 

"And I said this is really going to sound strange. I need to report a stolen house. They were like 'a house?' I said yes, he had 10 acres and had a little cabin. The cabin is gone," said Lonnie Harrison.

Jo and Lonnie Harrison say the property was a way for them to escape city life and to enjoy the country. 

"People come up missing. Cars are stolen. But a house?" said Jo. 

The home has a green roof with wood siding and was recently remodeled on the inside. 

The last time the Harrisons visited their home was in November. 

"I didn't see the house no more," said Lonnie. "All I saw was blocks and pipes sticking out."

The homeowners found tire tracks on their property as if someone hauled the house away. 

The couple says if their home is not found, they will rebuild but will make sure to anchor the new house into a slab. 


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