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Snake slithers onto woman's windshield during traffic jam in Florida

WFLA - PALM HARBOR, Fla. (WFLA) – A Land O' Lakes woman got a huge scare during a recent drive to work when a snake slithered onto her windshield and looked her straight in the eye.

Jessica Byrd Matkin, of Land O' Lakes, was stuck in traffic on McMullen Booth Road on Oct 13 when she noticed a snake on her windshield. It freaked her out.

"I wasn't sure if he could somehow get into the car," she said.

"I turned off the air conditioning, rolled up all the widows and was sweating in fear and due to the heat thinking at any time he will come though the vents or a hole somewhere," she said.

"With a motorcycle in front of me, I was nervous I might hit him," she recalled.

"So, with every small movement forward I would put it in park."

She didn't know how to get the creepy snake off her car. Then her husband gave her a suggestion.

"Finally, after much distress on my part it climbed on the blades up the windshield and I sent him flying…. only after hitting every other signal first! Thanks to my hubby's suggestion he was finally off!"

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