Farragut teen heads to National Cubing Championship

FARRAGUT (WATE) - For many, the Rubick's Cube can be frustrating, but for Nick Gerkins it was a way to pass time during a long road trip. His obsession with solving it faster has now led him to the National Cubing Championship.

Nick has mastered the Rubick's Cube, he is able to solve one in about 20 seconds.

Jeff Gerkins, Nick's father, says his son is the type of kid who's always pursuing something.

"One year it was card tricks, one year it was juggling. A couple of years ago - well, I guess a year ago - it was the cube," said Jeff.

Nick learned how to solve the Rubik's Cube by watching online videos and it quickly became an obsession.

"When I first started, I averaged around three or four minutes and I've been continually cutting down time by 10 seconds every day," said Nick.

Now, everything clicks. His fingers flip and neurons fire so fast, he's made the U.S. National Championship.

He qualified for three events at the National Cubing Championship the 2X2, the Pyramid and the 3X3.

While WATE 6 On Your Side was filming he was able to solve the 3X3 in 15 seconds.

"For me, it's nearly impossible. It takes a certain type of brain, I think, and I don't have it. Obviously, he does," Jeff said.

The nationals take place in Salt Lake City in late July.



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