Vol fans react to heartbreaking championship loss, look forward to NCAA tournament

KNOXVILLE (WATE) - Emotions were all over the place at Fieldhouse Social on Sunday as the Vols took on Kentucky for the third time this season.

During the SEC Championship game fans hoped the Vols could pull off a win. 

"For Tennessee to win this game it would be amazing not only for me, but for the city, for the university," said Chad Beanblossom. "The last time they won a championship was in '79, the year before I was born."

In the end the Vols just couldn't pull off the win losing to Kentucky 77-72.

"It's hard to beat a team three times," said Justin Clevenstine. "We beat them two out of three, so I think it was a good year but it was a tough task for our guys."

The season isn't over yet for the Vols.

"I think the chemistry on this team is really just unparallel to anything we've seen in the past," said Chris Palone. "I think it will carry a lot of weight going into the tournament."

For many fans Vol basketball hasn't been much of an interest since the days of Bruce Pearl's orange suit but they say Rick Barne's has brought back the heat. 

"The season has gone surprisingly well," said Beanblossom. "We were picked to finish 13th in the conference and  we're playing for no less than number two."

Fans say while the loss stings, they are still excited to have a team and a coach they can get behind. 

"I want to thank Rick Barnes," said Clevenstine. "He's done a phenomenal job. He's done awesome. We're cheering here. Go Vols!

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