West Knoxville women worried about coyote sighting near home

KNOXVILLE (WATE) - Two women are worried after they say they saw a coyote Saturday night in their Bluegrass area neighborhood.

Jane Palehach and her neighbor Kathleen Knowling say this isn't the first one they've seen in the area.

"I was driving down to my parent's house," said Knowling. "I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye, so, I backed up and flashed my head lights on the coyote and then it just stood there and stared at me and I was able to take a picture of it."

Palehach says the coyotes are coming closer to her house.

"It was right across the street," said Palehach. "I was at the driveway, so, I got to get a really good look at it and it didn't seem intimidated by people. It was just kind of chilling like it made a home."

Palehach now worries about her small three-legged dog Stevie going outside at night.

"I get nervous at night when I let her out," said Palehach. "We don't go on walks at night, but I just keep an eye on her and stay aware so it's not a problem."

Knowling now worries a little about her own safety.

"I've read so much online about how they've become desensitized to humans," said Knowling. "It makes me a little nervous to walk outside. Even I was just fiddling so much with my keys at my front door, because I was like 'ahhh! There's a coyote behind me!"'

For tips on dealing with coyotes, head to TWRA's website


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