Did you guess the flavor? Oreo reveals mystery cookie

(WSAV) - The question has been weighing heavy on the minds of many Americans for the past two months – what is the flavor of the Mystery Oreo?

Now you can rest easy. Oreo introduced the mystery flavor on Tuesday – Fruity Pebbles cereal.

“It was a mystery for the ages. That is, the stone ages,” the Oreo announcement on Facebook says.

After debuting the Mystery flavor months ago, Oreo launched a sweepstake encouraging fans to submit their own guesses online or via text.

The grand prize? $50,000 (just think of all the Oreos you could buy!)

After the big reveal yesterday, some Facebook commenters let Oreo know exactly how they felt about the cookie.

“Toothpaste and orange juice would taste better than this,” one person wrote.

“This flavor was not good, my dudes. Please don’t do that to my taste buds ever again,” wrote another.

But for some snack fans, the mystery cookie brought back childhood memories.

Whether you loved it or hated it, you could be the big winner. Oreo will be awarding the grand prize on or around Dec. 11.

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