Former Vols, fans react to UT athletics department changes

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) - The University of Tennessee heard the cries of Orange and White Nation. The university has put Athletic Director John Currie on leave with pay.

Former Vol player Fuad Reveiz says the change was necessary.

"I think the fiasco was created by [Currie]," said Reveiz. "I think our reputation went down below sea level."

Fellow VFL David Moon says he was also ready to see Currie go.

"We had some news this morning," said Moon. "If the news was we didn't have a football coach, that's disappointing. If the news is we didn't have an athletic director that didn't disappoint me."

Both former Vols say the university needs to hire an athletic director with a football background and at least for right now, they've got it.

The University of Tennessee announced former head coach Phillip Fulmer would step in. 

"If it's true Coach Fulmer is going to be there to help during this process, that's the best decision that possibly could happen. Because, now we have a football person in charge that will help us through that tranistion."

At Drake's in West Knoxville, most fans were supportive of the idea of a change on Rocky Top. 

"I think by bringing Fulmer in, they've kind of brought that professional back to the university. Whether or not he's successful, that remains to be seen," said Hunter Little, a Vols fan. 

Others say the change leads to some questions about what coaches are actually being pursued and who's making major decisions. 

"At the same time, it all comes under questionable circumstances I guess you can say. It seems a little odd who's pulling the strings behind the curtain, kind of thing," said Hunter Boykin. 

For other fans, like Tracy Warwick, the decision is an "early Christmas gift" for Vols fans. She says her husband has been following the hiring and firing closely. 

"He wasn't nervous, he was super excited because they were going to offer Mike Leach the job. He couldn't even sleep, just thinking about the conversations that might be had." said Warwick. 

The fans are ready for next season. 

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