Christopher Haney, Rocky Hill Elementary School

Teacher of the Month - March 2010

Christopher Haney, Rocky Hill Elementary School

Christopher Haney Christopher Haney

Our March teacher of the month is Christopher Haney, a fifth grade teacher at Rocky Hill Elementary School.

Mr. Haney received more nominations in one month than any teacher has ever received since WATE started Teacher of the Month 3 years ago. Below is a recap of some of the reasons he was nominated.

His quality of teaching goes beyond my expectation and is exceptional.

My son is engaged in school each day in Mr. Haney's class. Every fifth grade student wants to be in this teacher's class.

My daughter loves school. 

He is enthusiastic about his students.

He does extra math tutoring on Wednesday and Thursday.

He makes it fun to learn.

He brings his own computer equipment in to help the students.

He is knowledgeable.

He brings HIS 2 DS's for us to play on when done with work.

He lets us use HIS I-phone touch to play educational games.

He brings HIS Wii to play educational games.

Before we take a test he gives us a speech like, "Never give up you can do it!" 


He let's us bring home Ferbies for a drawing we do.

He is trying to HELP US do better on the TCAPS.

He lets us have podcast and blogs.

He let us do a video to make $25,000 for our class.

He let's us have E-pals from France and Pennsylvania.

He gives some of us cool nick names.

He plays Frisbee with us at recess.

He plays gotcha with us at recess.

He insists on courtesy, respect, and proper etiquette.

He challenges each kid at his level, all the way up through the gifted kids.

He referees ultimate Frisbee at recess to give the kids a healthy physical activity.

He listens with an open mind to parents.

He tries really, really hard to be a great teacher (and succeeds).

He is not afraid to act crazy if it keeps the kids' attention.

Holds afternoon tutoring sessions that most students attend because they are so much fun.

Takes an interest in what students are doing. My son said that Mr. Haney knew him even before this year because he would see him in the library reading Harry Potter books and would ask about them.

He is always at school functions helping out and talking with the kids and their parents.

Entered a technology contest where he and the class developed and filmed a skit to try and win new technology for their classroom.

My daughter looks forward to studying and the new learning things she learns from Mr. Haney

Mr. Haney makes each child feel special and each child feel important.

Mr. Haney goes above and beyond the call of duty for a teacher.

He sees potential in each child. 

With the way our society is today, it takes special people to become teachers. Mr. Haney has shown his passion for teaching in the way he impacts his students! My daughter absolutely loves school and learning - THANK YOU MR. HANEY!
Professional, prepared, and organized in the classroom.

Innovative and creative with teaching style!

He teaches technology to coincide with themes/subjects.

Every morning, he comes at 7:00am to help his students with their homework and other works.

He also has one-hour enrichment program every Wednesday after school. During this enrichment program, students have made movies; have worked on writing, idioms, educational games, homework, and etc. A majority of students have participated in this program and they have enjoyed it very much!

He is very organized to meet the goal. He already covered all chapters of science and social studies and he is giving TCAP practices to students. Based on my experience and observation, finishing all chapters is not easily and is rarely done by most of the teachers. Because he is well organized and uses his time very efficiently, this has been possible to him.

He also makes his class very fun. For his teaching, he incorporates skits, songs, and guitar music, to provide maximum learning to students.

He also set up e-pal and other online sites for all students can communicate with their pals and upload what they learn to the sites so anyone in the world can see. This is a very enriching experience to students.

He is amazingly enthusiastic and cares about individual student. My daughter never complained about him and she always complimented and shared positive experiences (plus fun!) she has had with him. This never occurred in her previous grades.

He makes learning fun by making up songs to learning.

He really cares about the kids doing their best and encourages them.

He is young and cool!

My child now loves coming to school to learn. He creates a structured but fun environment.

He really cares about the kids and will try to do everything to help them out.

He loves what he does.

MY daughter switched from private to public school this year and states, "Mr. Haney is the best teacher she has ever encountered."

He always has a smile and positive attitude toward the kids.

All the kids at Rocky Hill want him for a teacher in 5th grade.

Encourages parent involvement in the classroom during reading group!

Mr. Haney is DYNAMIC!

My child has had the sickest year of his life.  Mr. Haney has kept him up to date with all of the work that he has missed. 

He is teaching the lessons of organization and responsibility that they will need as they progress on to Middle School.

He is extremely excited and positive with the students, and they can feel it.

He talks to them with respect and courtesy, and they in turn respect him very much.

My son says that he makes school fun and happy every day.

He is a positive male role model, which is so important for kids (especially boys) at this age.

He pushes the kids and expects a great deal from them, but he does so in an encouraging and positive manner, so that they want to do it.

He communicates with the parents very well, and lets them know what is going on in class.

My child was out with the Swine Flu for a week and he wrote a note on her homework encouraging her not to stress out, that if she didn't understand any of the homework, he would work with her individually in class.

He is truly a wonderful teacher and individual and we are blessed to have him as my daughter's teacher this year.

Mr. Haney has his children learning so much with his creative teaching. 

His children have made power point reports and presentations.

His trivia questions  help them improve their knowledge and also  earn special lunches  with him in his room on Friday.

Mr. Haney always goes the extra mile! 

He's fair, understanding and the kids have a great admiration for him. 

My son doesn't want to miss a day of school.

Mr. Haney deserves teacher of the month every month.

We do AWESOME hands on activities.

We do technology everyday like Podcast, Study Island, Blogging and Glogging.

He helps us solve difficult problems which will help us later in life.

He is a very good Role Model.

He teaches up good sportsmanship on and of the field.

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