Week 1: Bringing the A game to the premier

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Week 1: Bringing the A game to the premier

Joey Fatone's first dance (source: Dancing with the Stars/ABC Television) Joey Fatone's first dance (source: Dancing with the Stars/ABC Television)

By Jamie Fromberger
WATE's Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars Super Blogger

Dancing with the Stars: All Stars Season 15 is here, and if tonight's episode was any indicator of what this season has in store, then we better sit down, buckle up, and prepare for a fast moving, high energy, booty shaking next couple of months. Each of the contestants brought their A game with them this evening, and the competition was stiff, surprisingly not like any of the dancers! Movements flowed, smiles shines, and confidence radiated allowing viewers like myself to enjoy the dances without any cringe-worthy moments questioning "did that really just happen?"

Joey Fatone kicked off the night with a high energy, fun routine that got everyone pumped. I'm loving the matching jump suits during rehearsal, and I'm not going to lie when I say I was slightly afraid he wouldn't clear Kim's head during that overhead toe touch, when he came uncomfortably close during rehearsals to knocking her out. But once the performance started, I was pleasantly surprised with his flawless moves, fancy footwork, and how straight his extensions were in both his arms and his legs. He definitely won the award for best male Closet Shocker because I honestly didn't see that one coming. Can we please write wardrobe though and get something a little better looking for his next routine? I'm digging the classy suit Drew Lachay was wearing.He definitely looked smoking hot. I was a little disappointed with his performance tonight, seeing as he was the season 2 winner. He seemed slightly unsure of himself when the performance began, but as the dance went on he seemed to come in to his own, and find his comfort zone pulling off some incredible footwork with the fox trot. The judges definitely seemed to favor him giving him one of the high scores of a 21.5.

My hands down female closet shocker award has got to go to Bristol Palin. This girl rocked it, in comparison to last year. Dancing may not be her strong suit, and as they said confidence is another weak area, but you would have never known it based off the performance she gave tonight. At times she wavered between strong facial expressions and strong dance movements, but all in all her performance was impressively better than her previous stint on Dancing with the Stars, and I think she may just be one to watch out for.

It's not surprising that Pamela Anderson reeked sex appeal in her dance. This woman reeks sex appeal grocery shopping, I'm sure. Her partner definitely wins for the yummy stats, but I was really hoping to see a bit more dancing from the neck down with them. Her facial expression through the entire routine completely solidifies her ability to act. Regardless of what was going on with her dance movements or choreographed steps, she never lost the "character" she was portraying in this dance, and that was enough to keep my attention. I'm hoping to see a bit more from them next week, and maybe even see her dance something fun and frilly as opposed to the "seductive vixen-type" that she did this week.

Sticking with the vixen type dancing, hello Sabrina Bryan! Those hips get not one, not two, but three hip hip hip hoorays! It was like a cyclone of pink when she hit the dance floor, and while I agree with the judges that she may have been a little over anxious with some of her moves, losing the sharpness and control, I still enjoyed her performance. I would like to see her partner not counting the moves for her throughout the routine though, I realize these are some pretty intricate steps, but I didn't notice any of the other dancers counting as they went. I did, however, notice them singing along. That brings me to one very suave and sexy man who sang with his song and literally looked like he just fell out of that time era: Gilles Marini. Wow. Do I need to say more? Doubtful. Just wow.  He wins the show stopper award for the males. His performance, his personality, and the fact he's tall dark and handsome... Well, I foresee him possibly winning in this competition. The female show stopper? Kelly Monaco hands down. For being out of the dancing scene for seven years and never even being taught the cha cha cha, girlfriend pulled it off big time. I wouldn't be surprised if Kelly or Gilles ended up taking home the trophy at all.

Some dancers that were great tonight but not hitting my top charts? Melissa, Emmitt, and Shawn. Their dances were good by all means, but it was missing that wow factor. Their technique is great, so now it becomes their partners job to adequately provide them routines that can show off what they can do. Melissa has amazing lines, and after having a baby she is rocking the 6-pack and her flexibility is jaw dropping. With that being said, let's see her challenged. This routine came very easy for her, and while she looked graceful doing it, I really think there is so much more we could see from her. Same with Shawn, who is an Olympian. Let's see this girl flip around or do some crazy jumps! We saw her last time show off her skills, and that's what I'm waiting for again from her. And Emmitt -- total swagger award. He had it going on tonight, but it just looked too easy. He's got the moves, he's got the coordination, and he's got the personality. Now, let's just see his routine amped up for next time and he could definitely have a chance at winning.

To wrap it all up, I'd also like to see Apollo, Helio, and Kirstie step up their technique, and raise their level of difficulty. Their dances seem to get lost in the shadows of some of the other stand out performances, and while I think their partners creating a routine that lets them feel comfortable and perform well is great, I don't think it will be enough to keep them around until the end. And I love Kristi Alley, so let's hope Max rocks it out again and we can keep this girl until the end.  Remember, the only way to keep your favorites around is to vote for them, so while hoping and wishing is great, picking up that phone is even "greater."

Until next time.

I am writing this blog as the winner of WATE's Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars Super Blogger Contest. The opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not reflect the opinions of WATE, ABC, Dancing with the Stars or any related persons.

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