Week 2: Dancing stars show off their talent

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Week 2: Dancing stars show off their talent

Gilles Marini and Peta Murgatroyd during their second dance. (source: Dancing with the Stars/ABC Television) Gilles Marini and Peta Murgatroyd during their second dance. (source: Dancing with the Stars/ABC Television)

By Jamie Fromberger
WATE's Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars Super Blogger

I was impressed with week one, but I was BLOWN AWAY with week 2. I am amazed at the talent among these celebrities, and last night's episode felt like I should have been watching the final competition, rather than week two.

Melissa and Tony started us off with one of my favorites from the night; the jive! This week Tony really stepped up his choreography, and Melissa met that challenge head on. Her footwork was precise, her body was composed, and her energy was high- but not too high. She genuinely looked like she was having fun, and her confidence radiated. And her outfit? I personally LOVED each dance that portrayed the "old school" feel with both music and wardrobe.

Gilles and Peeta were another couple that shared that wardrobe and music feel, and who I believe would be there biggest competition this week. They both danced the jive, but I felt like Gilles really extended his arms and showed his lines a bit more than Melissa, which is due to choreography rather than ability. When they flashed back to season 8 when she missed the jive, her arms last night resembled her arms when she was marking her routine during practice- the one in which she was ultimately judged on due to the seriousness of her injury. Arm extension aside, I am thrilled we were able to finally see her perform this routine, and she did amazing.

Now last week I wasn't thrilled with all of the wardrobes, but this week they were "off the chain." Kelly Monaco looked like a princess with her beautiful pink dress that accentuated some of her finer "assets" and while watching her dance, I felt like it was something that just stepped out of a Disney movie. I'm not sure it was so much of a "quick step", and that gorgeous dress of hers may be to blame because we couldn't really see what was going on with her legs, but I have a strong sense that she is still one that will make it to the end.

And the end, that's where you are going to find Shawn Johnson. Last week I mentioned her dance didn't really show off her ability, and this week they've got her doing cartwheels down the stairs. That was exactly what I needed to see from her, and with a score of 25 from the judges, I can tell they thought she did excellent as well.

I can't lie and say I was thrilled with Bristol's performance last night. Her costume was cute if she was headed to a western bar that randomly played hip hop music, but it didn't really flow with the feel of everyone else's outfits. Speaking of flow, her dance -- Love the girl, love how far she has come, and really hate to see her struggle, but the combination of her lack of skills and some mediocre choreography let her performance range in my "hot mess" category. Stopping the quickstep half way through to "drop it like it's hot," swirling those hips around and pumping that pelvic, looked like they got severely distracted during rehearsal and decided to nix some crucial choreography and instead insert a "freestyle" section. I'd avoid that at all costs next time, if she is still around that is.

Both Emmett and Drew let me down this week, which is surprising because last week I was so confident that Emmett could really take this thing home, but instead he almost hit a plateau, and didn't really do anything that was seen as an "improvement" from last week. Heck, he even had almost the same outfit on as he did, just in another color!

And Cheryl, if you accent everything with red, next time pick red lipstick as well. That purple made you look like you could possibly be suffocating from lack of oxygen.

Kirstie and Maks were at my bottom as well, top for entertainment but bottom for overall technique and ability. Like Bristol, they break up her choreography and add a lot of unnecessary things to occupy the music. I love her personality, and her flare, but she stopped dancing twice last night to walk over and "flirt" with the judges, an obvious reference to last week's random kiss she shared with Tom, but we've focused on that craziness enough, and I'd prefer to see those eight counts filled with footwork and movement rather than random role playing and booty poppin'.

The biggest improvement from last week had to be Sabrina. This girl controlled those hips and was able to gracefully own the dance floor. Her costume was amazing, though I wasn't a fan of here music. The first half seemed a bit awkward, with such proper dancing to such hardcore music, but about half way through they began to coincide and resulted in a very impressive routine. The poor souls clapping in the background though were quite distracting because it was obvious they were slightly confused with the music as well, I don't think a single one of them were clapping on beat, but they gave a great effort!

And lastly, this week's "lost in the mix" would include Joey, Helio, and Apollo. I felt like last week's routine for Apollo, with music, costume, and dance was more appropriate for this week than it was for last weeks. He had great foot control and managed to stay on beat, but he could use a little more push from his legs in leaps and jumps to get his height up to where Karina is. He and Helio must have chatted beforehand regarding the lipstick marks all over their faces from their partners. Chelsea had that pink lipstick all over Helios face! Their dance as well was performed extremely well, their kicks and flicks were on beat and together, their extensions were precise, and they had one of my favorite costumes of the night, but when you see 13 dances, with six of them being the jive, you start to really need something special to stick out in order to remember them and favor them.

Which brings me to Joey Fatone, who I am afraid will be in the bottom tonight when the results are read. He is so likeable, and I love that he owns the fact he's not a great dancer, but that he is there to have fun, and truly loving every minute of it. However, his performance was a bit behind the other contestants, so other than Bristol, I feel like he is in danger of going home. Remember, if you like him as much as I do, the only way to save him, or anyone else is to vote during the show, so when those numbers flash and the couples beg you to pick up your phone and vote, send in a text, or even go to Facebook, you've got to do it!

Until next time...

I am writing this blog as the winner of WATE's Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars Super Blogger Contest. The opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not reflect the opinions of WATE, ABC, Dancing with the Stars or any related persons.

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