Week 3: Baby, you're a firework!

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Week 3: Baby, you're a firework!

Drew Lachey and Anna Trebunskya (source: Dancing with the Stars/ABC Television) Drew Lachey and Anna Trebunskya (source: Dancing with the Stars/ABC Television)

By Jamie Fromberger
WATE's Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars Super Blogger

Dancing with the All-Stars Week Three is here and it was nothing short of fierce, fiery, and fantastic. The celebrities were given the control over which dance they performed, as well as any special affects they wanted to incorporate. While some couples went minimal on the stage props and spectaculars, others used this new found freedom to the hilt.

Drew and Anna had fireworks while Gilles flew through the air. Shawn and Derrick flipped out over the use of trampolines, and Kirstie Alley yet again kept us grinning and laughing at both her routine and her crazy antics.

It was sad to see Joey Fatone head home last week.His spunk and his energy made him one of my all-time favorites, but as I stated in last week's blog, his dance just wasn't up to par in comparison to the other dancers.

Melissa and Tony delivered one of their best performances yet. I wish the camera had been a bit closer in the beginning to see the crazy body contortions and trickery they had going on, but their samba blew me away. Melissa definitely is a dancer at heart, and this performance was one for the history books. It was fun, fast, and precise, and I completely loved it. And so did the judges, because they were awarded the first set of 9's by all of the judges and a high score of 27.

Right along with that theme of bringing it, was Kelly Monaco and Valentin Chmerkovsky. Once again wardrobe hit it on the mark with their outfits and Val just oozes that sexiness with every step he takes and word he says. (Except of course, when he mocks Kelly for her age.) I've still got Kelly ranked as my number one choice for taking it home in the end. Her Paso Doble was flawless. Her arm definition was sharp. She did as the judges requested and performed "bigger" and they gracefully made use of the entire floor.

The judges felt this was Kelly's defining performance and I fully agree. Ending the night up at the top with Melissa and Tony, they also received the highest scores given with a 27.

Be on the look-out, though, Melissa and Kelly. Shawn and Sabrina are sneaking up to you and these two tough little blonde girls may be small in size but they are big in competition.

Shawn didn't hold back last night incorporating new moves, stunts, and an amazing costume. Her quickstep was just 1.5 points shy of being up there with the top couples and I think she's proven her ability to dance in this competition. She is slowly gaining new ground by pushing the barriers and stepping outside of everyone's comfort zone.

Which, speaking of comfort zone, I really wish Sabrina would gain the confidence she deserves to have and let that little wild side show. Between her shocking elimination during her season of Dancing with the Stars and the critique to gain a little more control after her first dance, I think she is pulling back on the reins too much. Luckily for her though, her ability still shines through and she was able to end the night with an impressive score of 25.5.

While the girls are totally dominating the dance floor, we can't forget to mention some A+ performances from our gentlemen.

Yet again, Gilles stole the show, gracefully moving around the floor, not only making use of the props, but OWNING them. Gille and a bed? How could that possibly go wrong! He had strong arms, strong kicks, and stayed in character the entire time. The judges felt he lost his footing a few times, but I honestly paid minimal attention to where his feet were because I was so captivated by his grace and charm.

Another top male performance last night, was from Drew Lachay. And I can FINALLY see why he won season 2! The past two weeks I seriously questioned his ability, but last night he stepped it up and really took control of both the dance and the audience. I loved his interaction, the smile on his face, and the obvious fun he was having- maybe even a little bit too much fun with that booty popping and hip pumping. We did see that's how he has two babies already, so maybe we should be on the look-out for baby #3 to be making his or her debut 9 months from now?!?

Apollo and Emmitt seem to be holding steady on medium ground yet again this week. Emmitt impressively kicked off the season in week one, but I feel like his performances haven't progressed in comparison to the other contestants, and as the weeks go on that may have him going from where I once thought he could win this entire thing, to being in jeopardy of an elimination. I was surprised that after two weeks of loud colors, big movements, and fast music that Apollo toned it down and the only prop he really seemed to use were the statues in the background.

Carrie Ann seemed to love the dance, but her remarks throughout the season have made it clear that she "loves her some Apollo," so he could probably do a low key version of a country line dance with an attempt at the jive or quickstep in it and still be praised. Oh wait, that dance has been done.

Which leads us to Bristol. Was the footage up to her performance displaying her dramatic emotional breakdown necessary? Was showing us that she clearly had a moment (or 5) of weakness and stormed off beneficial to their stay on the show? It didn't convince me to vote for them, even though I do like to watch her. I'll probably enjoy it more on her reality show than on a dance show. Her costumes were fun, and the chess board that lit up the stage was probably one of my favorite sceneries of the night, but her performance yet again was far behind the others.

Rounding out the bottom with her is both Helio and Kirstie. Helio's performance was off last night, and as much as I enjoy watching him, I didn't love last nights performance, and felt slightly awkward for him during it. Kirstie is Kirstie, and she rocks the fact that dancing is not her strongest area, but personality it. I voted for this girl JUST because I love to watch her interactions with Maks, and her goofy ways during the rehearsals and interviews. Can we have a reality show that just follows her around?!

I think we've got another week or two of really being able to pinpoint who is in jeopardy of going home, but pretty soon the competition is going to get crazy. I foresee these celebrities surprising us with even greater performances, more extravagant stunt work, and a closet full of secret shockers waiting to be burst open.

Remember though, don't assume your favorite person will be around next week just because you think everyone else is voting for them, YOU have to ensure their safety yourself so call, text, or Facebook your favorites to keep them around!

Until next time…

I am writing this blog as the winner of WATE's Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars Super Blogger Contest. The opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not reflect the opinions of WATE, ABC, Dancing with the Stars or any related persons.

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