Week 4: Feeling the pressure

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Week 4: Feeling the pressure

Gilles Marini (left) and Peta Murgatroyd (source: ABC Television/Dancing with the Stars) Gilles Marini (left) and Peta Murgatroyd (source: ABC Television/Dancing with the Stars)

By Jamie Fromberger
WATE's Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars Super Blogger

I can't believe we are already in to week four of the competition! After last week's double elimination, the dancers seem to be feeling the pressure of their competitors' ability. They are pushing themselves harder than I think they were prepared to when they signed up to partake in the show.

Bristol is a perfect example of that, with footage showing us as the week of rehearsal progressed, her dance seemed to digress. It went from what was at one point fast and full of tricks, to as her partner says "dumbed down" to choreography she could handle. I personally thought that was a safe and smart thing for her. Although they spoke of making this easier than it should have been for her, this was her best performance of the season so far. It was faster than she was accustomed to, and she managed to stay with Mark through the entire routine.

In that same category of pushing, it was Melissa who gave a knock out performance, but unfortunately tried to incorporate too many tricks in to such a small time frame. Her dancing ability is incredible, her arms were graceful yet strong, and her foot movement was on key. Big props to her and Tony for giving the flips a shot, but sometimes you have to realize when you are expecting too much out of yourself. Trying to compete with Shawn, a professional gymnast, in that category is such a big challenge that although they faced head on, they weren't really able to come out ahead at the end.

Speaking of Shawn, what a great performance she gave! She has the choreography, the ability, and the strength, but I still feel like I am missing a little bit of "umph" from her. She is a timid little thing when she performs, and a few "agh" and "oh" faces are fun during the routine. Let's see her challenged with the character portrayal next week! There is no doubt she owns the floor with her talent, but I still think we could see more from her.

And on to the character portrayal. Are Kelly and Val an item off the show? You would sure think so! I love their chemistry. Watching them perform together is like watching a sneak peak in to their lives. Last night, it would be the sneak peak in to their bedroom life. Kelly is drop dead gorgeous, so while I wasn't impressed with this week's dance, I still didn't mind watching her float around the stage. Knowing her previous weeks performances were solid and memorable, I don't think tonight's will put her at all in jeopardy of being sent home. The judges didn't seem to think so either because they still awarded her with a score of 37.5!

My low ballers for the night unfortunately fell on some of my favorites: Emmett, Apollo, and Kirstie. I was shocked at the high score Emmett received because I really felt like Cheryl did most of the dancing and other than a few hip sways and gyrates. He didn't really show us any "dancing."

I still don't know what bolero is. Apollo and Karina just had a down right bad night, between the microphone malfunction in the middle of dancing and Karina slipping, this just wasn't a performance that I feel was good enough to keep them around another week. My heart was sad when Karina burst in to tears, but the challenge was performing a dance you really weren't a professional at, and this affected her more than it seemed to affect him.

While I still love Kirstie Allie, I am fearful she may be another one in jeopardy of heading home next week. This was by far her best performance and the one that actually had her dancing the entire time, rather than breaking to flirt with the judges or awkwardly walk around. Her performance was still far behind the other contestants. Having her perform first allowed us to "forget" about her, as opposed to when we see her sparkling personality at the end of the show. Some of us (primarily myself) feel the need to vote for her just because I enjoy watching her.

My top notch performers of the night were Sabrina and Gilles. While neither of them earned the highest score overall, I thought their performances were the best overall compared to both the other contestants and their past performances. Sabrina and that hair -- wow! At first I was a little worried with the blue feathered jacket that seemed to swallow her and steal my attention away from her moves, but once she threw it off and began to break it down, girlfriend had it going on. Her face, her moves -- amazing. Gilles was right there with her, and Bollywood is one of my favorite types of dance to watch. I do think he could have done a little less lifts and a little more movement, but I can't even imagine how difficult that type of choreography must be to learn. For someone who got thrown in to that dance with less than a week to learn it, I thought he did phenomenal.

The dancers are dwindling and the choreography is escalating. As I stated previously, there is maybe another week or two where the eliminations can be predicted. Even after a standout performance by Drew Lachay last week, we see that anyone can be eliminated. As much as we can try to guess who is safe, the only real way they are safe is by your votes. So, pick up your phone and call or text or hop on Facebook to give your favorite celebrity a chance at sticking around another week.

Until next time...

I am writing this blog as the winner of WATE's Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars Super Blogger Contest. The opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not reflect the opinions of WATE, ABC, Dancing with the Stars or any related persons.

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